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A cheerful heart is good medicine,

    but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

Day 11

It’s Day 11 of our 25 Days of Christmas Kindness series, which is a part of our Focus on Your Family: Family Bible Study.

If you did the previous days, don’t forget to leave a comment over there. We want to know how your family is being a blessing to others, share your testimonies!

The world is weary. There are so many things happening around us today, that it’s easy for us to fall into a cycle of weariness. There are those who might not have such a “cheerful Christmas” this year, they might not have family, or they might be stuck in a hard situation. Christmas, which is the celebration of Christ, is really every day for the true Christian, we can rejoice in the fact that we have a risen Savior who gives peace through the Holy Spirit. “A weary world rejoices!”

Today’s challenge helps us to remember those who need could use a little cheering up. “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”

Today’s act of Christmas Kindness is:

Take flowers to the nurse’s station at your local hospital. Tell the nurses to bless those who need them most! They will know who to give them to.

Every day until Christmas, there will be an act of Christmas Kindness that you can do with your family and a focus scripture for you to memorize and have your children write down as a memory verse. Get a FREE Act of Kindness Journal from this series here.

Don’t be discouraged if you miss a day, or change it up a bit to suit your family. These acts are made to extend far beyond Christmas. Invite friends and extended family members to join in. Have fun and ENJOY! It’s Christmas time!

Let everyone know how it went in the comments below.


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Did you miss the other 25 Days of Christmas kindness? Find them all below. These awesome acts can be done beyond Christmas as we show and demonstrate Gods love to others!


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