What Homeschool Really Is

Truth vs. Misconceptions

Notebooking For The Summer

A creative mind inspired!


The Back-To-School Craze

The Craziness of it all!


This dance off is MIND BLOWING!

Reasons To Homeschool And Love It!

Homeschool Freedom!


How To Teach Race To Kids

Nine books sure to please!


A list of Spring and Summer Reads

Not just for spring, but summer too!

Breakfast and The Ascension

“Did Jesus really have breakfast with His disciples?” “Why didn’t Eve Listen?”


In Your Freedom

O the Freedoms We Have! Lets Read.

Tour My Classroom | Homeschool Room Tour | Homeschool 101 Basics

In this video, I take you around my classroom, come hang out with me, I can’t wait to show you around! xoxo


ALL You Need To Know, 101!

Quarantine: A Day In The Life of A Family

When a family is quarantined, there is only one thing to do, join us!

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