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Starting your year off with family new year’s resolutions is the most important thing you can do as a family!

If you haven’t realized it yet, we love family here at So, there are two giveaways in store for subscribers today.

First, we just did the biggest family Bible study of 2022 with the 25 Days of Christmas kindness series. The focus was on scripture and relating it to Acts of kindness, that you would try to accomplish each day with your family. We must say that the staff here had a blast and so did many of you who emailed us!

1st Give Away

Before the 25 Days of kindness, we did a family Bible study on prayer, titled “Teach Me to Pray Family Bible Study.” Many subscribers emailed to tell us how much it has blessed their families, so we decided to give out the curriculum to this study, FREE! But for a limited of time (until 1/31/20230. If you purchased it and loved it, tell a friend and share this article.

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“Our family really enjoyed this Bible study, and we were able to use it in our homeschool for Bible class. It was just what we needed to see how we could be more effective in our prayers!” Robertson family

All you must do is check the newsletter you received today with this article included. The coupons code will be listed at the bottom or use code prayer2023. This Bible study is PERFECT to start the new year off with your family.

A New Year

2023 is a brand new year and truly a time to focus on YOUR family as times get darker around us.

A Time for Family Reflection

Now is the perfect time to sit down with your family and reflect on God’s goodness.

  1. What has God done in your family that was a blessing this year?

Maybe He blessed your family with a new pet, new home, new car, or just more peace in your family.

  1. What do you want to see God do in your family for 2023?

Do you need a new home, car, a family pet? Do you need to start a different homeschool curriculum, or do you want to start homeschooling?

Is someone graduating or in need of a new job? All these things are very important to God as they are important to your family. God cares about what you care about. There’s no PRAYER too small that God won’t hear.

  1. Now think about what went “wrong” in your family this year.

There’s no PERFECT family. Every parent has to face challenges in their family, whether you have little kids or teens and everything in between! You don’t want to keep revisiting past mistakes and mishaps. That’s why this reflection is the most important. It’s going to help you move forward.

Be encouraged!

Our parent encouragement articles are aimed to help you get through these rough times as much as much as possible. It’s also a part of our Focus on Your Family: Family Bible Study Program.

The last thing to do is gather your family around to discuss these things. If your children are six years old or more, they can have an input. Hear everyone out and write down new family prayers.

If you decide to do the “Teach Me to Pray Family Bible Study,” then there will be a small template in that curriculum which will help you organize and effectively write out your family prayers. This is a single version of this template in our shop here.

Family New Year’s Resolutions

The whole point of family new year’s resolutions is to see how you want God to move on behalf of your family. Maybe you’re just here for our homeschool newsletter and this isn’t something you care about. Maybe your family isn’t close and family Bible study and praying seems foreign to you.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in trusting God to bring your family closer through prayer. What will 2023 be like for your family? Only God knows what special things He has in store to grow your family spiritually and closer to him.

Let this be the year you Focus on Your Family!

2nd Give Away

For our homeschool newsletter subscribers, we want to do our end of the year give-away. We want to bless your homeschool with any curriculum or planning item from our shop in that category. Of course, these giveaways extend to ALL subscribers for any of our Newsletters. We appreciate you!

For a limited of time only (until 1/31/2023), you can use the coupon in your Newsletter with today’s article or use code curriculum2023.

May God richly bless your family in 2023, mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. May He shine His face upon you and keep you safe. May God be with you and your family.

Happy New Years!

From all of us at the,


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